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Air Compressor

Compressed air is often called the "fourth utility" when applied to industrial operations. However, unlike water, gas, and electricity; the consumer is also typically the producer. Becoming your own compressed air utility provider is as simple as buying an air compressor and installing the air lines and associated support equipments.

One of the most important parts of producing compressed air is selecting the appropriate type of compressor for the application. Operators have essentially three types of equipment to choose from in fulfilling their compressed air needs.

The three basic types of air compressors are:

- Reciprocating

- Centrifugal

- Rotary Screw

These types can be further divided into:

- Oil-Flooded & Oil-Free

- Oil-cooled & Air-cooled

- Single-stage & Multi-stage

We can assist you in selecting the product for any application with our engineers and experts. We also offer stationary and portable air compressors with any size and for any application.